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Revolutionizing Homecare

Discover how AidesPro enhances patient care through innovative in-bed solutions. From patient care to caregiver assistance, all angles are covered.

Experience cutting-edge technology designed for comfort and safety.

A Promise of Care

Homecare Innovations for Worldwide Patients

Thanni Holding Corp, founded and led by Thelma R. Liverpool, a former Environmental Specialist and Consultant at E. I. DuPont, focuses on innovative ...

Persistent Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Thanni Holding Corp stands at the intersection of healthcare and technology, driven by a commitment to quality and innovation. Our devices, protected by ...

Navigating the Path Towards the Future of Patient Care

Thanni Holding Corp is not just a business; it is a beacon of innovation in home care. Our products, including BedPoti and AidesPro, are designed with the ...

Hygienic Operation

Designed to ensure maximum cleanliness with minimal contact, reducing the risk of infections.

Comfort and Dignity

With its patient-centric design, the BedPoti ensures users feel comfortable and dignified during use.

Easy Integration

Compatible with a wide range of hospital beds, making it easy to implement in any healthcare setting.

Innovative Technology

Utilizes state-of-the-art sensors and mechanisms to provide care without compromising comfort.

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